Friday, August 23, 2013

ThreadModeler App. for Autodesk Inventor

I don't know how many of you have used the app exchange that is available for a lot of Autodesk Products, but there are some great tools in there for designers.  Today I am going to highlight one of the tools and the app is called ThreadModeler.  This is an awesome tool for you Inventor animators out there especially if you use publisher.  When using the ThreadModeler app you can take a bolt that has an image of threads and it will actually cut out the threads for the bolt so you have an actual representation of the threading.
let's start with where to find it
With Inventor launched you will go to the "Tool" panel on your ribbon bar and then select the exchange app manager.

Once you have the website launched you can find the threadmodeler app 1 of 2 ways; either off to the right side of the page there is a "most downloaded" panel and typically it should be on there.  If you can not find it on there then go to the search bar and type in threadmodeler into the search bar.

Once you find it and get direct to the page to download it you will just have to pic whether you have win 32/64 and the language and then click on the free button to download it.
Once downloaded; close down Inventor and run the installation.  When the installation is done launch Inventor again.
To test it out start a new part with a cylinder; for mine I created a 1/2" diameter cylinder at 2" long and added the thread feature to the cylinder.

Go to the "Tools" panel again and there you will find the Thread Modeler button.  Pick the button to run the command and then pick the thread feature from the browser bar (can't pick the actual part).
The program inputs the information it needs and all that is left is for you to click the "OK" button for it to do its thing.  Below is my finished product.
 Like I said before; this would be a great app for those of you out there that do a lot of animations for product construction.  It would give a great visual for the customer to see the bolt actually turning in animation.

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