Friday, August 9, 2013

Revision Cloud in Inventor...

How many of you wish there was the ability to put a revision cloud on a change on a drawing in Inventor?  Me too.  I have been working with Inventor for a long time and didn't know this was available at all.  There is a way to install some usertools that will allow you to be able to create revision clouds on drawings.
Follow the steps below to install the tools:

First open a windows explorer page; and put the path below into the address bar.
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\SDK
Once you are in that folder find the file that is called UserTools.msi; double pick on this file to run the installer.
be sure that Inventor is closed when you are doing this.
Once the installer is done...boot up Inventor and open a file.  Then go to the add-ins tab, and wallah...there you have the ability to create revision clouds.


  1. Hi Matt.
    We have done as you said, however, when an .idw is opened, nothing shows in the "add-ins tab?
    Any suggestions, please.
    Running 2016

    1. open up the add-ins command, and in the list of addin's right click in the window. it should have a button to click to show hidden members. pick on that and see if that helps.

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