Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Linking Dimensions in 2 Visible States on a Dynamic Block

I saw a question on a forum asking about making length dimensions on 2 different visible states equal each other.
For this example I am going to use an I beam block:
In the picture below you will see that the i beam is in a side view orientation.  Here we are wanting the dimension "Length_zaz"' to be able to control the length of the block in this visible state and in the top view which will be seen in the next image.   So, first in the parameters palette we will add a user parameter and call it length; and make the parameter link to our main length dimension.

Next we will change the visible state to the top view of the i-beam and then make its dimension link to the user parameter 'length' that we create.  Make sure that our main length dimension is visible in this state as well because this is what is going to allow us to adjust the length of the beam in either view.  Save the block and exit out of the block editor.

Now you can adjust the length of your beam in either visible state and it will translate to both visible states.
Hope this is helpful!

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