Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inventor Ilogic and Estimation form creation

Creating an Estimation form with Inventor iLogic and Excel...

To be able to create an estimation form and link it to information within your Inventor model is a huge time saver in my line of work.  One thing that I have been working on is developing a form that will help our Project Managers estimate the cost of a project (at least structural steel wise) a little bit better, and quicker so that they can get initial bids out to customers quicker.

Below is a pic of the form that I have been creating:
and basically all the information but the added totals of everything is exported from an Inventor model.  Below is another pic showing the iLogic forms that are built to supply this information that also control the construction of my model.

Here is an example of how some of this is done...
SyntaxEditor Code Snippet' SyntaxEditor Code SnippetSyntaxEditor Code Snippet

'drafting hours and cost
GoExcel.CellValue("export.xls", "Sheet1", "A37")= drafting_hours
GoExcel.CellValue("export.xls", "Sheet1", "C37")= drafting_rate
'engineering cost and hours
GoExcel.CellValue("export.xls", "Sheet1", "A41")= engineering_hours
GoExcel.CellValue("export.xls", "Sheet1", "C41")= engineering_rate

'grating description and cost
GoExcel.CellValue("export.xls", "Sheet1", "A49")= grating_descrip
GoExcel.CellValue("export.xls", "Sheet1", "E49")= d126+1    'qty of 3ft wide panels
GoExcel.CellValue("export.xls", "Sheet1", "F49")= grating_cost


I have found that when you are attempting to export Bill of Material data out with a template that the template must be in a 97-2003 file format for it to work.

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