Thursday, June 27, 2013

Binding XREF's in CADWorx...

Lately I ran across an issue with trying to bind xref's within CADWorx 2013, and I would always get an error dealing with proxy objects.  Come to find out it was the parts that I had created in CADWorx Equipment that was causing the errors when trying to bind the xref's.
So, in order to fix this you must make CADWorx equipment run in the same session as CADworx plant in order for it to recognize the equipment files.

To get CADWorx Equipment to run in CADWorx Plant here are the steps that need to be done:

1. In Plant TOOLS>OPTIONS (or for those of you that use the keyboard for commands "OP")

2. On the Files tab; expand "Support File Search Path" item.

3. Click Add, and browse to the CADWorx Equipment support directory.  Shown below:

 4. Close CADWorx Plant Session.

5. Start Windows Explorer and browse to CADWorx Plant support directory.  Shown below:
 6. Locate the file Acad.arx, and open it using a text editor

7. Below CADWorxPlant2013.arx type in CADWorxEquipment2013.arx

Note: If CADWorxEquipment2013.arx is above the CADWorxPlant2013.arx, then the tool tips for Plant will not function properly.

8. Save and close the text editor

9. Reopen CADWorx Plant .  Equipment should start simultaneously with plant; if not then in the command line type LOADMENUEQUIP.


  1. Matthew.....after searching and searching, messing with object enablers and trying this and that I had almost given up hope of binding up any of my sheets that had CadWorx equipment objects........then I found this old post. Magic!

    Thanks a ton!

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