Monday, February 10, 2014

Process Analysis Cloud Service...

A new amazing tool being put on the table by Autodesk is the Process Analysis 360 which is in its Beta form right now.  If you are a Manufacturing Engineer or a Quality Assurance person then this would be an awesome tool for you to utilize in your facilities to examine process flow and where bottlenecks are in the process and potentially analyze how to fix those bottlenecks.  It is an even better tool when you have a seat of Factory Design Suite as well, because with Factory Design suite and the Process Analysis 360 you can tie the assets from your model to the flow that you create in Process Analysis.  Once  get the process built you can watch the simulation go and see where there are opportunities to improve on your layout.
When you are done running the Analysis it gives you a detailed report of the flow, the efficiency of each station and can ultimately help you to choose different items that would help to improve the entire process and make it beneficial to you and your company!

For a free download visit the site below:

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