Thursday, October 17, 2013

Placing decals on inventor parts

I am going to demo the fuselage and putting the decal on it.  The fuselage part file was donated by Tatyana Uzunova (see end of post for more information on the model) for use in this post.  
First, we are going to create a couple of work planes as shown below:
Start the plane command and then pick the XY plane from the origin folder.  Offset the new plane 50mm from the XY plane.

Start a new sketch on the plane you just created.  And place the image file in the sketch.  You will have to scale it to cover the area that you are wanting it to and move it around until it is in the right spot.

Next, you will want to pick on the picture and the right click and in the pop up menu select the properties.  In the properties box you will want to check the box that says “Use Mask”.  This will remove all the white backing of the picture.  Something I found while doing this the .png image files look better when done with the decal. 

Once you check the “Use Mask” box then click okay, and then exit out of the sketch.  Next, you need to find the decal button on your ribbon panel (I am using 2013 Inventor; can’t remember if 2012 is all that different in setup).  See pic below.  Pick on the decal button.

Then when the decal dialog box is up; pick the image for the decal and then pick one of the faces on the side of the fuselage.  Make sure that the “Chain Faces” box is checked.
Pick okay
And now you are done with that decal.

Max Bee" is control line model, designed by Igor Burger from Slovakia. 
The model is born 2010 as idea - conception and realized 2011.
Participate in class F2B aerobatic model. In that class competitors must fly pattern of 16 figures start from take off and landing.
Construction of the model is made from foam and balsa / the most light material of wood in world /. Inside has a power train and system mechanism collecting wings, flaps, stabilizer, rudder and fuselage. Lines of model are with length 21 metra with thickness 0.48. The model works with electric engine 2628 Axi.
The model and pilot become 
3 times EU champion and World champion of 2012. 
Color scheme of model and 3D realized by Tatyana Uzunova

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