Monday, July 15, 2013

Using ilogic in Inventor to control beam sizes in an assembly

Today I want to give an example of iLogic and one of the many ways that it can make designing easier.
First, is controlling Beam or frame sizes with the click of a button.
Here we have a I-beam frame

In iLogic you can write code that will manipulate the beams to allow you to select different sizes as shown below:

Once programmed then you can go into your parameters and pulldown the list for your beam sizes.

and then once you select one it will automatically update your assembly.

This is a very basic use for of the things that i am working on for this assembly is coding to be able to define which wall a ladder assembly will be placed and then having supporting beam members that are able to move around in the assembly depending on which wall is selected for the ladder.
So, as stated before...there are so many possiblities when it comes to using Inventor iLogic in your design process.

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